China Commercial Alliance reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Wangde Investment Group

OJanuary 24th, 2015, China Commercial Lam Lee Lai Lawyers, together with Shenzhen Qianhai Huarui Tianfu Capital Management Co., Ltd, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Wangde Investment Group Co., Ltd. The two would enhance their cooperation on investments, city complex development, construction of new-type urbanization etc.

Chongqing Wangde Investment Group Co., Ltd is a large complex investment group engaging in new-type real estate development, new energy research and production, industry fund management etc. Wangde Investment Group is now cooperating with Juneng Construction Group from Chongqing Energy Investment Group and Chongqing Huayu Electric Instrument Group from China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation in building a complex real estate mode combining environmental protection, energy saving, ecology, elderly care, health and big data. Wangde Investment is also cooperating with Institute of New Materials from Southwest University and Huayu Group on new energy saving materials such as new super battery and Sodium battery.

China Commercial Alliance satisfies Wangde Group’s need for strategic transition that complies with national strategy of new-type urbanization and innovation. China Commercial Alliance would introduce wisdom, commercial mode, capital and projects from overseas to Wangde Group and optimize Wangde Group’s urban complex system of ecology, health and wisdom. Meanwhile, China Commercial Alliance would summarize the aforementioned experiences and turn them into “Wangde Criteria of Urban Construction” and “Wangde Mode of Urban Construction”. Such experiences would provide great help to small real estate companies in China.

The two would endeavor to carry out their complex cooperation based on “innovation of commercial mode, innovation of financial mode and deployment of complex resources”. China Commercial Alliance would endeavor to help Wangde Group upgrade and cooperate with Wangde Group tightly on new-type urbanization.

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