Zhejiang Talent Television has been successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange

The IPO of Zhejiang Talent Television and Film Co.(“ Talent Television”), Ltd. was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission on December 31,2014, and it list on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Feb 17, 2015. The success IPO is undertook by lawyers Huang Wenbiao, Zhou Yan, Zhang Ran and Zhou Yumei from China Commercial Law Firm. Besides, lawyers You Jinquan, Huang Xiaorui, Fu Su, Zhu Luni, Hua Yanling, Chen Bo, etc. participated in the project.

Talent Television owns the first rate qualification of manufacturing which approved by SARFT. Talent Television specializes in investment, production, distribution and derivative business of TV plays and films; actor and artist agency and related services; film and TV advertising and related services; film and TV play post-production services. Its primary businesses are the investment, production, promotion, and distribution of both domestic and imported films. Star shareholders gather in Talent Television, including Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei, Zhang Fengyi, etc. Besides, there are many famous films and TV plays produced by Talent Television, such as Home, Angel Heart, Empress Wu, Little Big Soldier, Chinese Zodiac 12, etc. Therefore, Talent Television joins the ranks of public companies in Hengdian film and television industry.
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